Sunday, March 08, 2015

A Prelude To Some Interludes

This blog has not been active since April, 2014, but for a very good reason: I am hard at work on a new book that describes some research that uses artificial neural networks to study music.  Last April, for a variety of reasons that may be discussed in a future blog, this research started to advance nicely.  One consequence is that I began to write book chapters -- the first 9 are in solid form, with only a couple more to go, and amount to well over 100,000 words of new prose.  Striking the book while the iron was hot meant putting other writing (aka work on this blog) on hold.

Part of my book writing involves creating short "interludes" between chapters; short pieces that highlight some general theme, and move the reader's focus away from the technical details of a particular chapter to the bigger picture.  I thought that these pieces might serve well as posts on this blog, so over the next few weeks (as more and more get created) I will test drive them here.  I will post the first (the "overture" entitled "Alien Music") here later this evening.

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